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Lighter Wesley

The Lighter Side Of Wes

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This is a community to explore the lighter side of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

This is not the place for the darkness and horror. (That's darker_wesley!) We want the funny and happy!

We accept both fiction and artwork, slash and het including AU, any rating, any pairing. All content must be somehow related to Wesley. If you aren't sure, just ask the moderators.

This is an open community. Bring all your friends!


This community has regular challenges, posted every Thursday. Challenges may be answered with fic (of drabble length or longer), icons, manips, or any other creative response.

About This Community

  • What is this community for? Why happy fics?
    We're here to have fun! Wes in BtVS S3 and AtS S1 in particular has a ton of humour potential to go with his angst. Wes in S2 and onwards ever so deserves a little happiness. The darkness in the Buffyverse has always been best when offset by light. The community is here to foster stories that emphasize the positive side of the Jossverse.

  • What kinds of fic can I post?
    Comedy, romance, farce, adventure, and even hurt/comfort (as long as the emphasis is more of the latter than the former) are all appropriate for posting. It doesn't have to be fluff, unless you classify everything that isn't dark & broody as fluff.

    Non-challenge fiction, artwork, etc are welcome at any time. Old stories as well as new are welcome, as are external links and recs.

  • Does that mean there can't be any angst?
    Wesley wouldn't be Wesley if he wasn't a little angsty, and Joss knows he's got enough issues to sink a ship. Drama, angst, and danger are all allowed, as long as the overall tone of the fic is positive.

  • Are there any posting requirements?
    When posting a fic, please include a standard header, as well as the title, pairing, and rating in the subject line.

    Subject: Fic: Body Shots (Cordelia/Wesley, PG-13)

    Title: Body Shots
    Time: AtS S2
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Cordelia/Wesley
    Summary: Everybody's getting all neat and pretty.

    If your story is longer than a few paragraphs and/or contains adult material, you must use an LJ-cut. Instructions are here.

  • What about photomanips? Screencaps? Icons?

    Again, anything large (over 300x200), groups of images, and adult material should all be LJ-cut.

  • Do you have a promotional banner?

    Yes! Please take our banner and help promote our community. Just copy and paste!

    <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/lighter_wesley/"><img src="http://versaphile.com/ljshare/lighterad.jpg"></a>